My name is Brandi Johnson, and I am a single mother to 3 beautiful girls. My life has been a crazy ride filled with pain, hate, anger, self pity and no confidence. I was shy and could never truly talk to people. I was awkward and didn’t know what real love felt like. I didn’t believe in anything, and I was going nowhere. I had no future and I was stuck in my pain. I was stuck in my old belief systems. Raised by the TV and taught to trust no one. Never told that I would amount to anything. Always told that I was a nobody. That I would never be good enough.

But all of that changed drastically, the day I turned 33. the day I was Reborn from my ashes. I was born in Phoenix Arizona, and now I an reborn from my ashes. Just saying. it was meant to be. I am the Phoenix.

I went from being raised Atheist. (Taught that people who believed in God, were crazy.) To instant believer in something far greater than myself. I found God, and I learned how truly special I am. That was the key that i had been looking for. Everything started to all make sense and I found what I have gained for all those years. I found my strength.

My stories of change have inspired many people to follow suit. I feel that I have something to share the world. I feel that I can help change the path that we are all on. The knowledge and abilities I have gained in the last year, have propelled me so far in life, and now I want to share those gifts with you. Now, I am ready.

We are all put on this earth to share and grow together. We grow faster and farther when we grow together. I will show you what it takes to change, and you will take back your life. Your control. Your freedom.

I once was Blind, but now I See! That statement has never been more truer in my life, than now!

God Bless you.