I am Brandi, your Perspective Coach. I am a person who can give you a different perspective, and I will inspire you the whole way. I can help you to understand your struggles, and give you the tools you need to free yourself. I will help you take back control of you who you truly are, and you will change your own life, from the inside out.
I have been through many struggles, and I can offer guidance to people who are ready for change.
I have been there, I have done it, and now I have great wisdom to share
I am here to Help You.
I know the feeling of being alone, but I also know how to find peace in that loneliness. I can help you find the root of your problems, in a very open and loving manor. I have no judgement in my heart, and I understand who you are. Mistakes and all. Unconditional Love is all I have to give, and unconditionally love is all that is needed to change. You just need someone to believe in you. I believe in you!
I will only help people who are serious about changing, and who are open to speaking and hearing the truth. The truth hurts, and I am not afraid to tell you how it is. The truth is what sets you free. Question is, are you ready to let go and listen? To truly change, one must first let go of what they think. If you open your mind to new perspectives, and you open your heart to new ideas. You WILL open your world to new opportunities. You will change your outcome 100%.
You are in control of your world. Now, let me help you to navigate it. Let me be the beacon to a better you. If I cant help you in anyway, I will fully refund, what you pay, for my service. I will give you my hour if you are not satisfied. However, if I help you in any way, I ask that you request my services again. The more I get to know you and the better I understand how you think, the better I can help guide you in the right direction. That is where I make magic happen. It is my gift, from God.

Spots are limited and filling up fast. I am only taking people who are ready for real change. Change that happens inside of you. To help you, you must first want to help yourself.



$50 per hour

$35 per half hour


1st Session is $25 and is fully refunded if I cant help you at all.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Sessions are done by Phone call or Face time through

Facebook Messenger




Phone calls via phone number will be Coming Soon


These are your sessions, and they are all about you. I care too much to let you suffer anymore, and I am here to help you find your strengths. You have many great strengths and I can help you to bring them out. Give me a chance and I will give you a lifetime.


Are you ready?


Side note: I am not here to give hand outs, I am here to give hand ups. You have to do the hard work. That is where real change takes place. I am here to get you through the tough times by being your spiritual and mental support. I have been there and I have done it all, and now I can help you. Ask me anything and we will work through it together. 

What do you have to lose? An hour of your time.


What do you have to gain? Your freedom!